About Euphoria Osteopaths

And we're here to take your pain away, and give you the confidence to make the most of your mind and body.

Barnes Stringer

Barnes became an osteopath after realising how prolonged periods of time sat at a desk can contribute to pain.

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Alexis Enel

Alexis is an osteopath since 2002, he helps people, who are in pain, understand and manage their health issue(s) more efficiently.

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  • “Alexis has adjusted my treatment appropriately and when I have experienced pain, after treatment my back has been realigned to the point where the pain has been relieved”
  • “Their knowledge of the human body is vast, and his holistic approach to helping the body heal really refreshing”
  • “Immediate relief to acute flared-up symptoms and a more general improvement in my posture and well-being”
  • Alexis takes a holistic whole body approach to treat which I would highly recommend to anyone
  • Alexis seems to have a unique understanding and approach to my problems
  • My initial consultation with Alexis was very thorough and very engaging, giving me a full explanation of his diagnosis and recommended treatment, which was fantastic.