Testimonial 2

Before visiting Euphoria Osteopaths I was suffering from stabbing pains in both shoulders, neck pain and was struggling to drive or move my right arm forwards. Lying down was also very uncomfortable and I was struggling to sleep because of this.
After my first visit to Alexis I no longer needed to take any painkillers and was able to sleep more comfortably. After a second visit a week later not only could I sleep and drive more comfortably, I found I could also turn my head further (particularly reversing in the car). I also found I was a able to pull with my arms more evenly when swimming and use both legs more evenly when cycling and running – this was an unexpected bonus as I had accepted for sometime that I was just weak on one side.
Alexis explained why the pain was in my neck and shoulders and where the cause was and how he corrected it.
I had never visited an osteopath before and was a little sceptical when I first visited Mr Enel. After 3 visits I am 110% better and delighted with the results, with no need for any further visits (at least for the time being).
Alexis did not try to keep me going back for more and more treatment for weeks and months, his treatment was short and effective.
Alexis takes a holistic whole body approach to treatment which I would certainly recommend to anyone.

Rachel T - Tetbury Clinic

Testimonial 1

10 years ago I had extensive re-constructive spinal surgery as a result of Myeloma.
The surgery and physiotherapy was great in that I was alive and able to move around!
However as a result of the surgery/structural changes I have endured considerable persistent pain and restricted spinal movement.
I have recently had a series of treatments with Alexis:
Alexis seems to have a unique understanding and approach to my problems.
His treatments have been very gentle, which is extremely important to me.
Spinal and pelvic movement improved immediately after the first treatment and has improved considerably with further treatment.
Accompanying increased movement there has been a significant reduction in lower back pain.

Kevin Lee - Bristol Clinic

Testimonial 3

I have suffered from periodic acute back and neck pain since I fractured my neck in my 20’s as well as having a mild spondylolisthesis (displacement of a lower back vertebrae).
I have been to see Alexis regularly over the last 9 months. He has provided both immediate relief to acute flared-up symptoms and a more general improvement in my posture and well-being – including significantly restored flexibility.

Adam McKenzie - Tetbury Clinic

Testimonial 4

Alexis Enel has been treating me and my family for around 5 years now. I first went to see him post the birth of my eldest son, my lower back had taken some strain during the labour and my hips needed a little alignment, this was corrected in a couple of easy painless sessions. My son then developed colic and none of the over the counter remedies seemed to ease his symptoms. I’d seen a leaflet for Cranial osteopathy for children in the waiting room and thought I’d give it a go. The results were outstanding, his symptoms literally cleared over night, so I took no chances with my second child and had him treated a couple of weeks after he was born, needless to say he has never suffered with colic.

I rate Alexis very highly as a therapist and feel lucky to have found him. His knowledge of the human body is vast, and his holistic approach to helping the body heal really refreshing. I have no doubt after a visit to his clinic you will be walking taller and smiling brighter!

Kate Turner - Tetbury Clinic

Testimonial 5

My name is Kate Bristow and through the help and advice of Alexis at Euphoria Osteopathic Clinic I have been managing my lower back pain which was caused by a slipped disc a number of years ago, successfully, through structured exercise and stretching. After falling pregnant I knew that this would not be possible in the same way as most of my exercise is high impact and so would need some extra help and guidance. I had regular appointments with Alexis throughout my pregnancy, increasing in frequency leading up to my due date (as I became bigger).
Through treatment, I have managed to achieve my personal goals – which were to stay mobile, independent and as far as possible pain free. As my body has changed, Alexis has adjusted my treatment appropriately and when I have experienced pain, after treatment my back has been realigned to the point where the pain has been relieved. He has also helped me understand how the baby and extra weight has impacted my body and given me advice on what I can do to help as far as possible protect my back.
I was unaware that Osteopathic treatment could be tailored specifically for pregnancy, and would certainly recommend the services at Euphoria Clinic.

Kate Bristow - Tetbury Clinic

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