Osteopathy Prices

Packages: Osteopathy is very effective over a course of several treatments. In the patient’s best interest and for a positive treatment outcome, Euphoria Osteopathic Clinic offers a system of packages.

New Patients

Adults One Off appointment £60.00
Adults 3 Treatments Package £130.00 (only £43.33 per treatment)
Children One Off (11 years and under) £50.00 One off appointment
Childrens 3 Treatments Package £105.00 (only £35 per session)


Existing Patients

Adults One Off appointment£50.00
Adults 3 Treatments Package£130.00 (only £43,33 per treatment)
Adults 6 Treatments Package£250.00 (only £41.66 per treatment)
Children One off (11 years and under 0)£40.00
Children 3 Treatments Package£105.00 (only £35.00 per treatment)
Children 6 Treatments Package£200.00 (£33.33 per treatment)

What Should I wear?
You do not have to undress, So please wear something that you feel comfortable in!

Can I bring a friend or relative?
Yes – if you wish, you can have someone present throughout your consultation and treatment.

Does it hurt?
Some soft tissue techniques may cause discomfort during treatment. Your Osteopath will tell you what to expect, and will want you to let him know if you are in pain. No Gain if Pain.
You may feel stiff or sore after treatment. This is a normal healthy response to the treatment.

Do I need to see my doctor first?
You do not need to see a doctor first if you are paying directly for your treatment. However some insurance companies will require you to see your doctor first and to have a referral.

How many treatments will I need?
The number of treatments you need depend on the condition and person being treated. The aim will be to keep your appointments to a minimum, however in some cases on going maintenance maybe required.